Digital Humanities Working Group

As part of the work of supporting digital scholarship, the RELdl organizes and hosts the Digital Humanities Working Group for interested parties across the humanities and social sciences who are using digital and computational methods in their research.

The Working Group features informal presentations on works in progress as well as space, physical and digital, for conversation and collaboration on shared methods, technologies, and resources.

Spring 2023

February 16: Drs. Julia Brock and Lesley Gordon, History

March 23: Dr. Rebecca Salzer, Dance

April 20: Dr. Richard Newton, Religious Studies

You can connect to the DH Working Group through the DHWG Listserv.

News and Announcements

  • April 20th – Final Spring DH Working Group

  • March 23 – Digital Humanities Working Group

  • Launching the Spring ’23 DH Working Group