Get to Know the REL Digital Lab: Scanning

The two desktops and three laptop computers of the REL digital lab on display

It’s already a month into the semester and the REL Digital Lab has already seen great traffic, but have you stopped by yet?

Why not join us for the second Brownbag event tomorrow, September 28th, from Noon to 1pm.

We are continuing our “Basics of …” series. Tomorrow we will focus on our lab’s scanner and OCR software. Come learn answers to question such as:

  • How do I digitize content for a website or for analysis?
  • How can I utilize this scanner in my research?
  • How do I turn these scans of pages or tables into data?

Come learn not only for your current needs, but to begin thinking about the types of projects you may undertake.

The event starts at noon on Wednesday September 28th, led by Dr. Jeri Wieringa.

And plan to join us in October for the last brownbag, focused on podcasting. Check out the department calendar for more information about the REL Digital Lab events this Fall.